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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Beyonce gets up close and personal!

Happy Birthday to B! Happy Birthday to B! Well not just yet but Beyonce is planning her thirtieth birthday next month by appearing in a few magazines! The Run The World (Girls) singer has appeared in the latest editions of Marie Clare and cover for Harper’s Bazaar

Channelling Julie Andrews the singer gives us a glimpse into the ex Destiny's Child singers world by listing her favourite things in MC Magazine! 

The fragrance: Beyonce Pulse
‘The name reminds me of my stage persona when I’m dancing.’

The book: Jay- Z’s Decoded
‘Obvious I know, but this book is great at breaking down rap songs.’

The TV show: Jersey Shore
‘I thought, “I’m not going to watch this!” because it was so hyped, but it’s hilarious.’
The food: Oreo cookies
‘I haven’t had one for a while because once I start eating them, I can’t stop. I can finish a whole packet.’

The hero: Solange Knowles
‘My younger sister is my hero. She balances her career with being a wonderful mother to my nephew (Julez, six).’

The music: Adele’s 21
‘I love Someone Like You’. Adele is such a nice woman, and she has one of the best voices of our time.’
The movie: A Star Is Born
‘My mother would put it on for me when I was young, so it’s an honour to be in the remake with Clint Eastwood.’

The fashion: Topshop
‘My favourite London shop. There’s one in New York but I was mad at first because I didn’t want anyone else to go there!’

The style: Kate Moss
‘She’s always been a trendsetter and so edgy. You never look back at her, even ten or 15 years ago, and think, “what was that?”‘

The city: New York
‘I never thought I would live there because I found it so overwhelming, but now it’s home.

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