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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Who is the new Queen of Pop?

So according to the recently released Queen of Pop Index by, there is a new HRH of Pop. When SCP reviewed the list there were some easy predictions, some surprises, ex-Disney shoe-in's and some clearly obvious omissions.

So from the bottom up (ooo-eeer)  in SCP style its the top 16! And a few remixes along the way!

No.16 - Robyn - SCP Fav Swedish Pop scraps into the Index

No.15 - Christina - The Voice is keeping her there and is our first ex-Disney star on the list

No.14 - Adele - Good start for the Brit - next year will be her world domination year - as long as she gets voice back!

This is an awesome remix!

No.13 - Kelly Clarkson - We LOVE this original American Idol

No.12 - Nicki Minaj - WOW - Not bad for a new girl on the block! We reckon its coz she has alter ego's

No.11 - Carrie Underwood - well deserved, she has sold a few records

No.10 - Shakira -  the beautiful columbian singer scraps into the top 10

No.9 - Ke$ha - No surprises this Tik Tok singer is there, she not only writes her own music, she writes for others too!

No.8 - Miley - Hmm we demand a recount please - how did this ex-Disney star even get a look in???

No.7 - Pink! - The new mum to be is still up there - not up the duff, the charts!

No.6 - Katy Perry - The Teenage Dream singer is still steady in the index

No.5 - Beyonce - Obviously running the world doesn't mean you secure the top spot. However we still love Mrs Jay-Z
No.4 - Britney - We have to admit we still listen to Femme Fatale on a daily basis! Currently on tour *ahem* performing her latest hits

No.3 - Rihanna - The naughty S&M singer claims the third position after telling us that chains & whips excite her!

No.2 - Taylor Swift -The American country pop singer gets pipped to the number one spot but great effort Taylor! 

No.1 - Of course, it was obvious - Lady Gaga is Queen! Who else would it be? In just over 3 years since Just Dance was released, the Mother monster has taken over the charts, changed the face of pop music and given us some of the best pop moments in recent years. Congrats Gaga.

Oh go on the Gaga, play us out with a clip that shows us why this 25 years old has achieved in just a few years and is adored by MILLIONS!

Anyone spot who is missing?

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