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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Pete's Pop Pick's!

Lets see what Pete has in store for us this week. Over to you Pete...

Josh PykeNo One Wants A Lover

One of the most talented and hard working singer songwriters in Australia Josh Pyke has been pumping out some great music such as Middle of the Hill, Memories & Dust, Lines on Palms Sew my name.Rapidly gaining popularity and recognition across Australia, and featured in SnapCacklePop’s review of 360’s Throw it away, Josh Pyke’s new single No One Wants A Lover is Josh’s first single off his new album Only Sparrows. An infectious, up-tempo pop song, this track is deserving of Pete’s Pop Pick of the week!

 LissieWhen I’m Alone
Lissie is a 29 year old from Illinois, and has been on the music scene since 2007. Living in Ojai California now, as she does not want to live in the busy LA, Lissie’s album Catching a Tiger was released in 2010 – as was this single. However it’s only now that it’s starting to gain some airplay around the world. Surprisingly the Norwegians were the first to recognise this song – reaching #2 on their charts. With a ripper chorus, Lissie’s When I’m Alone is worth a listen.

Jennifer Lopez - Papi
Possibly the most "poppy" song of her new album, Papi is J Lo’s new single that’s ripping up the charts across the world. It’s been a while since J Lo’s been in form – remember Waiting For Tonight? – but this new album has some rippers, and Papi is one of them confirmed by J Lo as the third single from Love?,  you just know she will be getting ‘Hands up in the air’ in clubs across the world!

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