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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Pete's Pop Pick's!

Pete's back with his top three tracks for the week from pop rock, pop reggae to a good old ex boy band pop tune. Over to you Mr Pete...

All Time LowTime bomb
More Pop/Rock than Pop, All Time Low have been around the traps since 2003, competing with the likes of Good Charlotte and Simple Plan, but with less success to-date. From their fourth studio album Time bomb is a more pop focused effort and is the third single from their new album Dirty Work. With a great beat and catchy chorus, hopefully All Time Low will start overtaking their competitors! This track is  deserving of Pete's Pop Pick of the week!

Mohambi Feat. Nicole Scherzinger - Coconut tree
Already achieving success across Europe, Coconut tree has a decidedly African vibe - probably because Mohambi is half Swedish and half from the African republic of Congo. Blending pop and reggae, this pop gem really benefits from Nicole Scherzinger's smooth vocals and the great video benefits from her rockin' form!

Jordan Knight Lets go higher
Does the name sound familiar? What about if I used the acronym NKOTB? Yes - this is Jordan Knight from New Kids On The Block! Jordan has had a few cracks solo in the past - his best effort to-date being Give it to you which achieved #5 on the UK charts. This is a pretty sound pop song though, being Jordan's first single from his third solo album, produced by GaGa's Colby O'Donis. If you forget it is from Jordan, it's not a bad listen!

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