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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

New Video Alert - Faker - Dangerous

Faker have just released their clip for the lead single Dangerous off their upcoming album Get Loved.
The band blogged about the video shoot in London a couple of weeks ago: 
“We were trying to work out what the video should be when our friend Luke Eve (who’d directed the video for Sleepwalking from Be The Twilight) emailed Nathan out of the blue saying he had a great idea for a music video. It involved us, a couple of 17,000km flights and the Dangerous Twins (the dark figures from the Dangerous artwork). It sounded like our kind of adventure.
“We found some locations around the city that we wanted to film at: in Brixton, in Shoreditch, in the city and on the Tube, and spent three days shooting, occasionally with permission… Nathan spent most of those three days running- the theme of the video is a chase, although who is chasing and who is being chased is a little ambiguous… Nathan has always said that he’s happiest if he’s exhausted at the end of a video shoot… this was certainly the case for this shoot, and in to the bargain he completely destroyed the outfit he wore for it.”

At the SCP Office we get a feeling of New Order vs Faker's classic track This Heart Attack.  See what you think and check out the track below!

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