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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

New Single Alert - Shane Harper - One Step Closer

Shane Harper is back with his follow up to the smash hit Dance With Me, with the beach vibe chilled pop track One Step Closer. The 18 year old, who has had brief success in TV, says his influences include Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars and Jason Mraz and teamed up with hit-maker Adam Anders (musical producer Glee) to produce his debut self titled album.

The playful tune was inspired by his pop influences saying “When we were writing the record, Bruno Mars was just coming out and he was kind of doing his big thing. So I was really inspired by him when we were putting it together,” continuing say “It’s got a little bit of heart, which I think is nice … I think that’s what that Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars vibe you’re getting is, they both put so much soul into their songs and that’s kind of what we were going for.”

Check out his new single below.

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