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Friday, 22 July 2011

New Jessie J tracked leaked!

A new track by Jessie J has been leaked on the internet which has not impressed the British singer. The single, Without You was leaked by unknown sources and is reported to be a track from the Nobody Perfect’s forthcoming next album. The song sings about a missing former lover continues to demonstrate how talented the singer is!

The Price Tag singer has been left fuming after finding out the rack was out saying on Twitter

"It's a real shame when people feel they have the right to leak an artist (sic) songs. It's art and personal... I will never know (who did it). Could be anyone from a hacker to someone who has been sent the song once upon a time... Fluff it!! Imma (sic) just keep writing!! Keep believing and keep working my a** off!!"

Check out the track below…

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