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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Introducing - Seth Haapu

Across the water, Seth Haapu is making waves releasing his new music video to his new single Owe You Nothing. Releasing his second single of the 23-year-old New Zealand native’s self-titled debut album, out August 8th on Sony Music, see’s this Kiwi offer an intelligent slice of pop!

Heading to these shores to finish the album ( jeez that is cutting it short!) Seth says “Final stage of the album complete and it’s off to Australia to be made into a CD that’ll be sitting on music shelves across the country in a few short weeks,”

He released on Facebook fans last week. “Been pretty invested in this for a while now. Had to pinch myself because it became more real than ever that impossible things can be made possible and yep not ashamed to say there were a few happy tears (in private).”

Aaaah Bless you Seth. Check out his new track below or for his debut single Bones live from Auckland here

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