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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Gaga fans urged to stay away!

As Lady Gaga plays at Town Hall tonight in Sydney Australia, fans were encouraged not to turn up to see their idol if there did not have a tickets to tonights Monster Hall performance!

Following on from her 2 surprise performance on Monday night, Mother Monster is currently (as we type) belting out tracks from her new album Born This Way to some very lucky invited guests who won competitions leading up to the free concert.

Police have feared there will be a mass of children trying to see a glimpse of their idol and be in the city unsupervised. We don’t truly agree with this, however agree it good to call out the safety factor.

Superintendent Mark Walton, City Central Local Area Commander, said “Gaga will not be making a public appearance and fans on the street will not be catered for as there are no live screens or audio available outside the venue,"

Well as she told us on Monday, she’ll be back real soon and never let it be a year till she returns! We are thinking tour to be announced soon! (Wink Wink!)

If you missed the interview on A Current Affair on Monday ( we did as we were at her show!) check out the below clip below.

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