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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Ex Sugababe Keisha making solo comeback!

Too excited to write! Too much awesome pop news to process!

Breathe SCP! Breathe SCP!

Ex Sugababe Keisha Buchanan has launched her return to the pop charts as a solo artist!

Her debut album was previewed in front of a full audience of British press and was VERY well received, with rumours surfacing that her rich and powerful vocals can set her aside from her ex band mates with her edgy new sound!

She performed at the trendy Jacques Townhouse debuting some new tracks, a Adele cover and a Sugababes medley! Check it out below!

New Track - Beautiful Mess

New Track - Carried Away

New Track - Fearless

Adele Cover - Rolling In The Deep

Aaahhh the old days - Sugababes Medley

One a side note - what would be awesome, would be for the three original Sugababes to get together and take on the new Sugababes in a pop battle! We know who we would back!

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