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Friday, 22 July 2011

Comeback Alert - Steps

Steps, the cheesy pop group of the 90's are set to reveal all, in a four part reality television show that is set to have us glued to the screen!

The five piece band, whose hits include Tragedy, One For Sorrow and Last Thing On My Mind, are set to lift the lid on what went on behind the cheesy smiles and camp dance routines. Sky's Mark Sammon says will document the in-fighting, jealousy and power struggles behind the sugar-coated Steps we all remember!

Creative Director Michael Kelpie has said: 'This documentary series reveals the truths behind the polished pop façade that led to the break-up of one of the most successful pop acts in the UK’ continuing 'Steps will face their demons as they try to rebuild both personal and working relationships. It will undoubtedly be explosive viewing.'

Its all in an "attempt" to relaunch Steps 10 years later as they release their Ultimate Collection of greatest hits!

We know we will be addicted! Can't wait!

Here's one of the tracks that made them big!

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