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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Video ALERT - Britney - I Wanna Go

So Britney is out with her new video and though we have enjoy the last two video's from her Femme Fatale Album, we must say this one we like the most as it appeals to our SCP weird sense of humour. 
Here are our top 10 parts we liked about it, in order of appearance...

 1) Britney holds press conference and declares she is having Brad Pitt's babies

2) Britney says F*CK!!!!!

3) He looks cool!

4) Great Pants

5) Awesome Shoes

6) Britney Flashes her boobs!

7) Nice socks (& product placement)

8) Taking Piss of old movie

9) Arnie got a cameo job

10) Britney "acting"

Anyway, here is the full video.

5 Pop stars Ms Spears!

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