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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Pop - LIVE! - Kylie

So in continuing our Kylie Week, we thought who better to appear on our SnapCacklePop Live section that the princess of pop herself! We are still to write up our full review of the Aphrodite:Les Folies show as we are going again tonight, so we’re holding back to ensure it was as fabulous as we remember. (We know it will be!)
To go through EVERY Kylie Live performance would mean we are here a very long time, so at the SCP HQ we voted on our own most memorable Kylie live moments. You may have different ones, but these are some of ours…

Lets start at the beginning… the track that was sung to her earlier this week, Kylie performed on Jools Holland Hootenanny back in 2007 a jazz version of the song that made us fall in love with the petite singer. Here’s I Should Be So Lucky

POP FACT – Kylie is 125cm tall – aaahhhh!

Fast forward a few albums and the performance that put Kylie on the world stage was at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. On A Night Like This was off Kylie's album Light Years after she got the world’s attention and a lot of press by wearing some very small gold hotpants!

POP FACT: Kylie dislikes heights and brussells sprouts!

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head at The Brits was top of our list. The Cathy Dennis (OMG we love her) written and produced track was mixed with New Orders Blue Monday. We were gobsmacked by this performance, when Ms Minogue popped out a CD player! Check it out!

POP FACT: Kylie’s nickname is Bruiser

We could go on and on and on and on, however we need to get ready for tonight's show. So to conclude our Kylie LIVE section, a track from her latest album Aphrodite, Brusier performed on BBC Live Lounge Get Outta My Way.


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