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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Kylie Tour - Our First Thoughts!

Due to the Kylie overload we had last night and all the SCP HQ team suffering sightly from a Kangover today. We'll keep our update brief for on our first thoughts until we have come down from seeing the pop princess and could put the right words down.

Was it worth the wait? Yes
Did Kylie Wow, Wow, Wow us? Yes
Did she play a few remixes? Yes ( even some golden oldies! )
Was she beautiful as ever? Yes
Was it better than the X album tour? - Yes
Were there hot male dancer? Yes
Could we smell Kylie from where we were? Yes
Were all SCP employees blown away by the concert - YES
Check out our two fav pics below!
Yes, hot male dancers!
Coo-ee, down here Ms Minogue!
Our Kylie updates will continue tomorrow once we have got over our Kylie comedown! That's only if we stop watching her YouTube channel to relive the night

P.S One SCP employee called in *ahem* sick this morning! He was with us at the concert then out with us at the Kylie after party and we left him there!

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