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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Introducing - Dalal

Here is Dalal. She is Austrian. Dalal is One To Watch in 2011. Her debut dance/pop track Taste The Night is about dancing close to someone in complete darkness and letting your heartbeat take over. Dalal most probably explains the meaning better saying “Imagine all the lights going out and all you can rely on is the beat in your heart and the feeling of the person next to you. We realized there is no club song that really plays with the idea of the lights turning off completely during the chorus leaving you with nothing but the feel of the movement around you".

We obviously need to take her to some of the clubs we frequent! *ahem*
It is an infectious upbeat track that will have the dance floors pumping and we like it and look forward to hearing more! Welcome to the pop world Dalal!

We think we might need to hire our SCP reader soon as his recommendations are getting our attention.

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