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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Cheryl Cole asked back to U.S X-Factor!

In a surprising U-turn Cheryl Cole could be set for a dramatic return to the US X Factor judging panel!


Simon Cowell’s camp confirmed last night that TV Executives have gone full turn around and sent an invitation to the Girls Aloud singer to rejoin the show.

"We have offered Cheryl a second chance and she might still come back to US X Factor. Fox have been re-examining the situation and have had a change of heart” said a Cowell source, continuing saying "After the debacle with the UK judging panel we have started negotiating with Cheryl’s camp and the ball is now in her court."

Crikey. Perhaps all the bad press prior to the show even getting started has something to do with it or is it more to do with the £1.2 million possible pay off entitlement Cheryl could gain?

Seems Cheryl Cole could pocket £1.2million if she keeps quiet about her sudden exit from US X-Factor and the latest offer is a ploy by Fox to gain the upper hand in the negotiations. The Geordie lass only work just for four days' – and if she agrees not to bad mouth the show or Mr NASTY Simon Cowell, then she gets the money in the bag! That’s £25k an hour!

Well, what ever happens we hope our Cheryl chooses wisely and if she really wants that career in the US that badly after everything she’s been through! 

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