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Monday, 16 May 2011

New Single Alert - Kelly Clarkson - Tell Me A Lie

There have been a number of demo singles leaked from the forthcoming Kelly Clarkson fifth studio album and we picked up on this one! Reminiscent of Since You Have Been Gone, will this been the return for the first American Idol  she has been looking for.

Kelly is baffled on how these tracks are being leaked recently saying on her Facebook “I just heard another demo of mine leaked. I don’t know how or who is doing it but they’re demos and not the real deal,” Kelly posted on Facebook. “I record a ton of songs I write and songs that other people write when I’m making an album.”

Though nothing dissimilar from what she has released over the years, we like the track and look forward to welcoming the new album, due out in September. We don’t care if its just a demo, we are looking forward to the release.

Here’s Tell Me A Lie

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