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Monday, 16 May 2011

Looks who is back... SUGABABES

We grew up with the Sugababes and have loved them ever since their first track Overload. However after many versions of the band (see below), the interest in the 'babes' started to fade with every make over, which resulted in their last album Sweet 7,  not really make a dent in a the charts only selling 25,000 units and they went into hibernation. 

However, at the weekend they emerged once again at the British Soap Awards. The current line up sees Heidi, Amelle, and Jade glam it up for the red carpet, confirming the groups Thundercats produced new single will be out later this year.

 Lets just hope with all the changes of band members, they haven’t lost the edge that first gave them their fans!

Original Sugababes - 
Hits include Overload, New Year and Run For Cover

Goodbye  Siobhán (centre) , hello Heidi

Sugababes V2.0
Hits include - Push The Button, Round Round, Freak Like Me, Stronger, Hole In The Head, Shape & Ugly.
Goodbye Mutya, hello Amelle

Sugababes V3.0
Hits include - Red Dress, Follow Me Home, About You Now & Get Sexy

Goodbye Kiesha, hello Jade

Sugababes V4.0
Hots include - About A Girl & Wear My Kiss

Lets hope Three wasn't the magic number!

Anyway lets go back to where it all began for the 'babes' from their pop vault!

P.S They weren't allowed to smile in the original line up!

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