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Monday, 30 May 2011

Gaga going down in history (if she wasn’t already!)

So the results are in from the worldwide jury and its unanimous Lady GaGa is The Queen. The Mother monster has scored the number one album across the world with Born This Way including in the UK, US and here in Australia (to name just a few) with sales surpassing a million with in its first week and reaching multi-platinum status all ready.

Not only has she achieved the biggest debut in 2011, she has also just been named by Forbes the top of the showbiz power list ending Oprah four year reign! has been crowned the most powerful star on the planet as her second album, Born This Way, blitzed sales records and hit No1 around the world.

Its not surprising when overall sales of Lady GaGa singles are approaching the 6million mark!

For a New York girl that was unknown three years ago, she has taken the world & her fans under her wing and become something of an icon. With over 35million fans on Facebook and 10 million Twitter followers, industry insiders say its promotion of her records through social media tools which has helped her secure the Forbes top spot.

Well congrats MM, it’s well deserved! Here's why we love ya!

Yes, she jumped!

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