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Friday, 27 May 2011

Album Review – Lady Gaga – Born This Way

Born This Way is most probably one of the most promoted albums in recent years, with the Gaga marketing team creating deals with Starbucks, Google and Zynga’s Farmville to promote Mother Monsters new album. Also, recently releasing the album on for a 99-cent one-day sale followed by a $6.99 everyday price, which is still below the album's wholesale cost of around $9, the album is set to debut on the Billboard charts with between 500,000 – 750 units sold in its first week. That’s record breaking!

With Gaga releasing four tracks, yes 4 so far from the album, has she given us the best off the album so far or is there more to come? Here are our thoughts…

We’ve been listening to Lady Gaga’s new album Born This Way for the last few days and in brief, the album is full of 80’s vs. Gothic vs. Rock vs. dance tracks which speaks about being yourself, loving a bad boy, Jesus, fashion, New York and hookers! From eerie ballads to catchy pop tracks that channel early 80’s Gaga icons, it seems a slightly darker offering from Mother Monster fused with a techno beat. 

Here’s a track-by-track review… (Oh btw we got the deluxe version!)

1. Marry the Night – The beginning of this track shows Gaga sultry New York downtown intimate back alley club vibe singing  I’m gonna marry the night / I won’t give up on my life / I’m a warrior queen, live passionately tonight.” Then turns into a disco club pop track that sets the tone for the rest of the album. Catchy Chorus but not the greatest track on the album, however was written about having a good time in NY with her friends, and how she would never be a Hollywood girl. Fair enough, we can’t see that either Gaga.

2. Born This Way – The Express Yourself of the next generation. This radio friendly catchy track, is known by everyone (unless you have been living under a rock!). You know the words, you’ve sung it loud and you’ve seen Gaga be born from an egg on stage singing it!
3. Government Hooker – An Opera intro following by a techno beat (we kid you not ) has Gaga providing spoken vocal followed by screaming out “hooooookah” whilst some what seems like a dirty old man provide guest vocals!

4. Judas – At first we were unsure about the dark and edgy track, however it has grown on us. More about a falling for a bad boy lover rather than the “actual” Judas, its catchy and upbeat.

5. Americano – Hmm! This track could have easily appeared on the Evita sound track with its maracas and Latin beat. Lyrically not the best offering from Gaga, however we had a good dance around with our maracas and sombrero on!

6. Hair – A rock n roll infused 80s power ballad with a sax solo provided by Clarence Clemons who was actual in Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band
Gaga sings about being “free as her hair”. Good track offered by Gaga.

7. Scheiße – A techno, German lyrical track where Gaga sings she doesn’t speak German, but she can if we like! We find the techno synths slightly annoying to be honest, but the catchy chorus makes up for it.
P.S Scheiße means shit in German

8. Bloody Mary – We thought this mid tempo track could be about our recovery drink on a Sunday morning, alas No. More creepy/gothic pop than the normal offering from Gaga, not our fav to be honest, sounds too all over the place.

9. Black Jesus  + Amen Fashion - Starts off by singing  “Jesus is the new black” Hmm we thought purple was more in this year. Gaga sings about growing up in New York scene, runway fashion, the track reminds us of early Madonna or even Billy Idol back in 1983 with Synth-driven new wave punk pop!

10. Bad Kids –This track is plucked right out the 80’s with a disco beat that could easily be mistaken for early Madonna again or even Five Star (remember them!)

11. Fashion of His Love – Strong 80’s influence once again through this track, written in honour of late Alexander McQueen.
12. Highway Unicorn (Road to Love) – Sounding more like a Gaga offering than some tracks on the album, with a fat drum beat and catch chorus about the road to love. Aaaaahh

13. Heavy Metal Lover -  Fav line of the song "I want your whiskey mouth all over my blonde south." hmm wonder what she means?!?!?! This track wouldn’t sound out of place in a S&M club!

14. Electric Chapel – Something different from Gaga, touching on pop rock, guitar rifts and singing about love/marriage. With lines about “Together we'll find a way/To make pure love work in a dirty way."

15. The Queen – Upbeat track which Gaga claims she can be the queen you want her to be!

16. You and I – A good country rock ballad. Very Elton John-esq. Say no more!

17. The Edge of Glory - One of the best tracks on the album! Inspired by the death of her grandfather.

It’s a slightly different direction for Gaga, with an album full of Synth-driven new wave techno rock pop! It’s good on many levels and crafted by one very talented lady. However it does sometime leave us confused in what the album is trying to say about her, the world, or us. We have to ask the question has it been slightly over engineered/over worked and got lost in translation along the way? Don’t get us wrong, it has some great tracks but as a collective LP it doesn’t flow as easily as her previous releases. Having said that we do believe the more you listen to it, the more you’ll love it!

Overall 4/5 pop stars 

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