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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Rihanna does Cosmo!

Rihanna is back on another mag this week, however being a little less cheeky than last time. Appearing in the July Edition of Cosmopolitan, the Barbadian singer gives an interview about her “deepest feelings”! We wonder what these could be? Is it that chains and whips excite her?

Well the cover does come with the heading "What Men Crave in July" – saucy! Perhaps its RiRi.

New Video Snippet - Sneaky Sound System - We Love

Its been two years since Sneaky Sound System were on the pop radar, but Miss Connie and Black Angus are back with this naughty track – We Love. Released on the 27th May, a snippet to the video to the track has been released which shows Miss C with new blonde afro and various couple’s **ahem** doing it! Taken from their forthcoming new album From Here to Anywhere on Modular due out later this year.

We’ll bring you the full version of the video shortly, however until then you are able to buy the single from iTunes now and the naughty snippet is below!

Sneaky will be holding a gig on Saturday, 2nd July, 2011 at the Metro Theatre, Sydney, where we will be to catch them live! Check website for details.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Gaga going down in history (if she wasn’t already!)

So the results are in from the worldwide jury and its unanimous Lady GaGa is The Queen. The Mother monster has scored the number one album across the world with Born This Way including in the UK, US and here in Australia (to name just a few) with sales surpassing a million with in its first week and reaching multi-platinum status all ready.

Not only has she achieved the biggest debut in 2011, she has also just been named by Forbes the top of the showbiz power list ending Oprah four year reign! has been crowned the most powerful star on the planet as her second album, Born This Way, blitzed sales records and hit No1 around the world.

Its not surprising when overall sales of Lady GaGa singles are approaching the 6million mark!

For a New York girl that was unknown three years ago, she has taken the world & her fans under her wing and become something of an icon. With over 35million fans on Facebook and 10 million Twitter followers, industry insiders say its promotion of her records through social media tools which has helped her secure the Forbes top spot.

Well congrats MM, it’s well deserved! Here's why we love ya!

Yes, she jumped!

Video ALERT - Jason Derulo - Don’t Wanna Go Home

So, Mr Jason Derulo is back with his next video for Don’t Wanna Go Home  which is the first release from his second album Future History. It samples an old classic track by Robyn S which is also a SCP fav Show Me Love and also incorporates an interpolation of Day-O (The Banana Boat Song) by Harry Belafonte.

Quite a mash up! Enjoy.

Introducing - Joe Jonas

OK, so he's not exactly new to the world of pop so doesn't need an introduction, after being launched on Disney Channel children's television network along with his brothers, aka The Jonas Brothers. However, Joe Jonas is stepping out on his own.

The eldest brother is releasing his debut single at the end of June called See No More with a album coming later in Septmeber The album he describes as his "coming of age" album, which to be honest we are glad as there was only so much time he could carry only riding the Disney wave, playing guitars and brotherly love!

“I wanted to be really honest with what I wrote about, whether good or bad, I think it's a coming of age record to it has a feel you can play in the club, but also there are songs that I think are heartfelt," the 21-year-old told PEOPLE.

Well we are excited already! Check out the snippet from his next single below! We'll report back soon when full track is released!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Beyonce on American Idol with a not so original song?

Sorry, we've been away this weekend and only just catching up on all pop gossip. How the hell did we miss Beyonce performing on American Idol another new track 1+1, from her forthcoming fourth album 4.

In case you missed it ( like we did! ) here is the Billboard Millenium Award winner performing on Idol.

However before you watch, here's a bit of gossip for you. Seems before B nabbed it for her album it was called Nothing But Love written and recorded by The-Dream, check out the original here

Video ALERT - Nicki Minaj - Did It On 'Em

Our favourite alter ego, Nicki Minaj is back already with her new video for Did It On ‘Em. The next track taken from her debut album Pink Friday is hot on the heals of Super Bass that she only premiered last month.

Check out internet version below or the full version over at  Did It On 'Em

Cheryl Cole given ultimatum by Simon Cowell!

Seems things aren’t getting much better for poor Cheryl Cole! Last night she was given an ultimatum by Simon Cowell,  “Do you want another job on more money? It’s a simple question: Yes or No?”

As reported the other day, the Geordie lass was sacked from the US X Factor just 4 days into auditions. She has since fled back to the UK and is in hiding, where she has broken her silence by asking “Why did Simon Cowell do this to me?”

It seems Mr Cowell has offered her a job back on UK X Factor on more money as a “compensation” for being fired from the U.S version of the show. However the show bosses want an answer as recording for auditions begins on Wednesday. Which was when nasty Simon Cowell was back to his normal form and offered the ultimatum!

Poor Girl! She’s most probably still in shock, making wind of what the hell has gone on!

However a source has said: “She’s been told to get a grip, grow up and pick yourself up or you’ll lose the British show too"

“It’s tough, but we start filming the UK programme on Wednesday. No one is bigger than the show, that’s what she has to realise. If Cheryl doesn’t want to do it we’ll just go on without her.

“It’s very worrying that she’s refusing to engage with us. We need a dialogue but she won’t answer the phone. Cheryl needs to call us. She needs to call home.”

Cheryl told a close pal: “How can I be judged after just four days? I felt I was doing OK and getting a good reaction from the public. Now I’m facing massive upheaval, a huge change. I had found my own place in LA and was ready to move my whole life there.”

The friend added: “Now, without the TV show, all her American plans are over. She has had to move back to Britain and now she is being asked to make one of the biggest decisions she could possibly make.

“Her life has been turned upside down. At the moment she is trying to work out what to do with her life. If she doesn’t give them an answer and they go with someone else, then they go with someone else.

“They can’t just force her into a decision. Who knows, she might just decide to take some time out and disappear for a while.”

Seems no reason as been given yet for the sacking of the Girls Aloud star however was reportedly written in her contract there would be a “probation” period! And was only been told by execs she just didn’t work and there is no other way to put it. It was clear from the first day that it just didn’t mesh.

We at SCP still think this are a little suss and more will come to light over the next few weeks.

Hang in there Cheryl.  Sending you a big SCP Pop cuddle!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Gaga Artwork

So we thought we'd share with you the artwork from the Born This Way album sleeve...


Friday, 27 May 2011

Album Review – Lady Gaga – Born This Way

Born This Way is most probably one of the most promoted albums in recent years, with the Gaga marketing team creating deals with Starbucks, Google and Zynga’s Farmville to promote Mother Monsters new album. Also, recently releasing the album on for a 99-cent one-day sale followed by a $6.99 everyday price, which is still below the album's wholesale cost of around $9, the album is set to debut on the Billboard charts with between 500,000 – 750 units sold in its first week. That’s record breaking!

With Gaga releasing four tracks, yes 4 so far from the album, has she given us the best off the album so far or is there more to come? Here are our thoughts…

We’ve been listening to Lady Gaga’s new album Born This Way for the last few days and in brief, the album is full of 80’s vs. Gothic vs. Rock vs. dance tracks which speaks about being yourself, loving a bad boy, Jesus, fashion, New York and hookers! From eerie ballads to catchy pop tracks that channel early 80’s Gaga icons, it seems a slightly darker offering from Mother Monster fused with a techno beat. 

Here’s a track-by-track review… (Oh btw we got the deluxe version!)

1. Marry the Night – The beginning of this track shows Gaga sultry New York downtown intimate back alley club vibe singing  I’m gonna marry the night / I won’t give up on my life / I’m a warrior queen, live passionately tonight.” Then turns into a disco club pop track that sets the tone for the rest of the album. Catchy Chorus but not the greatest track on the album, however was written about having a good time in NY with her friends, and how she would never be a Hollywood girl. Fair enough, we can’t see that either Gaga.

2. Born This Way – The Express Yourself of the next generation. This radio friendly catchy track, is known by everyone (unless you have been living under a rock!). You know the words, you’ve sung it loud and you’ve seen Gaga be born from an egg on stage singing it!
3. Government Hooker – An Opera intro following by a techno beat (we kid you not ) has Gaga providing spoken vocal followed by screaming out “hooooookah” whilst some what seems like a dirty old man provide guest vocals!

4. Judas – At first we were unsure about the dark and edgy track, however it has grown on us. More about a falling for a bad boy lover rather than the “actual” Judas, its catchy and upbeat.

5. Americano – Hmm! This track could have easily appeared on the Evita sound track with its maracas and Latin beat. Lyrically not the best offering from Gaga, however we had a good dance around with our maracas and sombrero on!

6. Hair – A rock n roll infused 80s power ballad with a sax solo provided by Clarence Clemons who was actual in Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band
Gaga sings about being “free as her hair”. Good track offered by Gaga.

7. Scheiße – A techno, German lyrical track where Gaga sings she doesn’t speak German, but she can if we like! We find the techno synths slightly annoying to be honest, but the catchy chorus makes up for it.
P.S Scheiße means shit in German

8. Bloody Mary – We thought this mid tempo track could be about our recovery drink on a Sunday morning, alas No. More creepy/gothic pop than the normal offering from Gaga, not our fav to be honest, sounds too all over the place.

9. Black Jesus  + Amen Fashion - Starts off by singing  “Jesus is the new black” Hmm we thought purple was more in this year. Gaga sings about growing up in New York scene, runway fashion, the track reminds us of early Madonna or even Billy Idol back in 1983 with Synth-driven new wave punk pop!

10. Bad Kids –This track is plucked right out the 80’s with a disco beat that could easily be mistaken for early Madonna again or even Five Star (remember them!)

11. Fashion of His Love – Strong 80’s influence once again through this track, written in honour of late Alexander McQueen.
12. Highway Unicorn (Road to Love) – Sounding more like a Gaga offering than some tracks on the album, with a fat drum beat and catch chorus about the road to love. Aaaaahh

13. Heavy Metal Lover -  Fav line of the song "I want your whiskey mouth all over my blonde south." hmm wonder what she means?!?!?! This track wouldn’t sound out of place in a S&M club!

14. Electric Chapel – Something different from Gaga, touching on pop rock, guitar rifts and singing about love/marriage. With lines about “Together we'll find a way/To make pure love work in a dirty way."

15. The Queen – Upbeat track which Gaga claims she can be the queen you want her to be!

16. You and I – A good country rock ballad. Very Elton John-esq. Say no more!

17. The Edge of Glory - One of the best tracks on the album! Inspired by the death of her grandfather.

It’s a slightly different direction for Gaga, with an album full of Synth-driven new wave techno rock pop! It’s good on many levels and crafted by one very talented lady. However it does sometime leave us confused in what the album is trying to say about her, the world, or us. We have to ask the question has it been slightly over engineered/over worked and got lost in translation along the way? Don’t get us wrong, it has some great tracks but as a collective LP it doesn’t flow as easily as her previous releases. Having said that we do believe the more you listen to it, the more you’ll love it!

Overall 4/5 pop stars 

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Cheryl Cole replaced on U.S X-Factor!

Hmm, we suspect wrong doings here! With all the hype of Cheryl Cole going over to the U.S to conquer america charts and appearing on the U.S version of X-Factor, news just broke that she is heading home and being replaced by Nicole Scherzinger!

Only 3 weeks ago the Girls Aloud singer was quoted as saying "I'm so excited to be taking part. With the talent they have out in America, I'm sure we're going to find someone very special. I can't wait to get started." and Simon Cowell saying he was "thrilled"  to have Cheryl on the show for her talent spotting ability.

Rumours are surfacing that the Geordie lass is home sick and wished to return home however its also being reported Fox are worried the U.S audience would not warm to the unknown star. 
Surely they would of screen tested first!  
Its all seems a bit weird to get so far into the comp and pull out?!?!?! 
We are sure more details will surface in the next few days however gossip website TMZ  said it was due to the ‘lack chemistry’ with fellow judge Paula Abdul.

Hope you are ok Cheryl! Big Hugs from SCP HQ! xx

Lets cheer ourselves up with Fight For This Love video

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Gaga on Letterman!

Continuing on her promotion of her album Lady Gaga appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman in which she quirked with Letterman he should come to work in his underwear, declared herself Batman and even grabbed a snack by eating David’s list of questions that was addressing rumours about the singer!

Once again, we loved her quick wit and down to earth attitude making it another memorable appearance on her world promo tour of Born This Way.

How many countries do you reckon it will be No.1 in by the end of the week?

New Single Alert - Ke$ha - 31 Seconds Alone

The pop web is sprinkled with news of a new Ke$ha track being leaked online! However rumours are also circulating that this is a early demo sung by the Tik Tok singer. We may have to agree as the track, 31 Seconds Alone seems to be lacking in the typical Ke$ha sparkle that we have seen previously with such tracks as Your Love Is My Drug and Blow, however none the less we love a good rumour!  

Gaga on SNL - The Peformances

Continuing our Lady Gaga week, you may have missed her performing on Saturday Night Live at the weekend. She joined Justin Timberlake and performed a number of sketches and to promote her new album Born This Way, she sang a couple of tracks. Bless her!

First up Edge of Glory followed by Judas

And once again Born This Way - watch out for when Gaga gives birth!

Video ALERT - Snoop Dog - Boom

Check out the brand new video from Snoop Dogg for the hot new single Boom - featuring T-Pain. Private clubs and parties have moved underground and Snoop and T-Pain take us behind enemy lines for the hottest party in town....

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

New Single Alert - Beyonce - Till The End of Time

New reaches us at the SCP HQ office that the next single from Beyonce’s new album 4 has been leaked. The reported new single Till The End Of Time,  will be the follow-up to Run The World (Girls) which she performed at the Billboard Awards where she received the receive the Billboard Millennium Award.

And after her performance, you can’t blame her being awarded it! If you missed it, check it out here!

Video ALERT - Stan Walker - Loud

The Australian Idol  winner Stan Walker is back with a new music video for his next single Loud. Taken from his third yet untitled studio album, its nice to see the Idol back with a great danceable track! Stan’s new album is due out later this year.

Video ALERT - Wynter Gordon - Till Death

Bit behind the eight ball here at SCP, as totally missed the release of this video! Doh!

The Dirty Talk singer Wynter Gordon is back with the her new music video to her new single Til Death. The single is the second to be release from her forthcoming debut album With the Music I Die,  due out on 17th June.

The video see Wynter party with her mates till the end. Hmm we seem a theme here! Didn’t Britney dance Till The World Ends?

Gaga on SNL - Sketches!

We must say we really loving the Gaga we have seen of late. Her banter on The Graham Norton Show through to her 'Liquorville' sketch on SNL we showed the other day! Here are a few more sketches from the show in case you missed it on Saturday!

The promo's for SNL

Here's Timberlake, Gaga and Adam Samberg sketch *ahem* 'Having a 3 Way'

The 'Whats That Name' sketch

And if you haven't seen it yet, here is our fav - 'Liquorville' sketch

Monday, 23 May 2011

Billboard Awards - And the winner's are...

So the awards are over for another year and the winners are...

Justin Bieber winning Top New Artist & Top Pop Album and a handful of others thanking his fans & mum
 "I'm 17 and I want to thank God because, you know, he's blessed me so much. Every day is crazy because I see so many people. It's crazy that I'm surrounded by so many amazing people." He added, "I want to thank my fans again for being so amazing. I want to thank my mum."

However with Eminem winning bigger taking home six gongs including Top Artist, Top Male Artist, Top Rap Artist, Top Billboard 200 Album, Top Rap Album as well as Top Rap Song.

Lady Gaga was nominated in 15 categories with wins Top Dance/Electronic Artist, Top Pop Artist and Top Dance/Electronic/Electronic


Top Artist: Eminem
Top New Artist: Justin Bieber
Top Male Artist: Eminem
Top Female Artist: Rihanna
Top Duo/Group: Black Eyed Peas
Top Billboard 200 Artist: Taylor Swift
Top Hot 100 Artist: Katy Perry
Top Digital Songs Artist: Katy Perry
Top Radio Songs Artist: Rihanna
Top Touring Artist: U2
Top Social Artist: Justin Bieber
Top Streaming Artist: Justin Bieber
Top Digital Media Artist: Justin Bieber
Top Pop Artist: Lady GaGa
Top R&B Artist: Usher
Top Rap Artist: Eminem
Top Country Artist: Taylor Swift
Top Rock Artist: Train
Top Alternative Artist: Mumford & Sons
Top Latin Artist: Shakira
Top Dance/Electronic Artist: Lady GaGa
Top Christian Artist: Chris Tomlin

Top Billboard 200 Album: Eminem - "Recovery"
Top Pop Album: Justin Bieber - "My World 2.0"
Top R&B Album: Usher - "Raymond vs. Raymond"
Top Rap Album: Eminem - "Recovery"
Top Country Album: Taylor Swift - "Speak Now"
Top Rock Album: Mumford & Sons "Sigh No More"
Top Alternative Album: Mumford & Sons "Sigh No More"
Top Latin Album: Enrique Iglesias - "Euphoria"
Top Dance/Electronic/Electronic Album: Lady GaGa - "The Fame"
Top Christian Album: Skillet - "Awake"

Millennium Award: Beyonce

For full awards listing visit

To play us out here is The Black Eyed Peas performing Just Can't Get Enough/I Gotta Feeling.
(We'll have more Billboard performances for you shortly!)

Billboard Awards - Beyonce's MUST see performance!

We are not sure how to sell this to you so we think you need to watch Beyonce performing her new single Run The World (Girls) on the Billboard Awards show for yourself!

No wonder she is being honoured!
Wonder if we can get a screen like that for the SCP office

Billboard Awards - Rihanna & Britney perform S&M!

The Billboard Awards are on tonight in the U.S where Lady Gaga is up for Top Artist, Top Female Artist, Top Pop Artist, Top Touring Artist and Top Social Artist, to name just a few ( there are many!). Gaga will also take part in a tribute to Beyoncé along with an all star cast including First Lady Michelle Obama as Beyoncé will be awarded the Millenium Award for her career achievements and influence in the music industry.

Well they have just kicked off the show with Rihanna singing S&M featuring Miss Britney Spears! Check it out below.

Gaga Week!

In honour of Lady Gaga releasing her new album Born This Way, we give you Gaga week!
The mother monster has been on a massive world wide tour to promote the new album, releasing four tracks of the album already! 

We have our copy already and its on continuos play on the SCP HQ office and we'll be bringing you our full track by track review shortly. However, until then, here she is performing on Saturday Night Live at the weekend, which she co-hosted with Justin Timberlake

To get your copy of the album Born This Way visit iTunes now!
Oh we got the special edition in the end. We couldn't miss out on the remix CD!

Here is Mother Monster performing - Born This Way

We are not sure what she gave birth to, so we are not going to ask!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Lady GaGa and Justin Timberlake on SNL

We love silliness! We love pop celebrities! We love even more pop celebrities being silly!
Direct from the US show Saturday Night Live (SNL) here is Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake in one of the sketches for the season finale.

Its alright, Britney checked! The World Didn't End!

We've been dancing with Britney in her underground bunker for the last 24 hours thinking the world was going to end, thanks to all the reports it was going to happen yesterday. But all is good, Britney just checked and the coast is clear! Phew!

If you look closely, you can see SCP in the video below. We are the dancers behind Britney. Thanks Britney. We had an awesome time!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Video ALERT - Avril Lavigne - Smile

We have loved Avril Lavigne ever since she she told us she didn't want things Complicated. However when she married Derek, she seemed have lost her edge slightly ( its interesting what love can do to you! ) however now she's back to form with the new single Smile.

Kylie tour update #8 - The Special Edition Tour CD!

Breathe! Breathe! Breathe!
OMG! Ms Kylie Minogue has a pop up book! We kid you not! 
In our impatience to see la Minogue in concert in only 17 sleeps, we are desperately just skirting round the full details of the concert, however finding out bits every week, that make us pee our pants every time!

Currently touring in America, the All The Lovers singer is due to perform for us ( and a couple of other people ) in the 2nd week of June. News came in, thanks to our pop friends at Is It Bush Week...? of the special tour edition of the album! 

Breathe, Breathe, Breathe!

Split into 3 CD's, the Get Outta My Way pop princess gives us, not only the original CD, but also top remixes and then the mega mix CD!
Breathe! Breathe! Breathe!
The informed that also the re-release comes in a Goddess Edition which comes with a Kylie POP UP BOOK featuring 4 exquisite pop ups, the album, costume sketches, photo's and exclusive interview!
Breathe, Breathe, Breathe!
Check it out

** SCP collapses on the floor in a fit of excitement!**

Video ALERT - Dionne Bromfield - Foolin'

15 years young soul girl Dionne Bromfield is out with her latest video – Foolin. God Daughter of and being mentored by none other than Amy Winehouse, this young star gives us a soulful track that oozes commercial potential which reminds us of that of early Winehouse’s album Back To Black.

She’s young, talented and well on the way to turning industry heads! 
Well in a few years anyway!

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