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Friday, 29 April 2011

Friday Song! - Wedding Special!

Its the Royal Wedding back in the UK so we thought we would get into the spirit! We are here at the SCP HQ with our trackies and Tiara's on and we have even allowed the corgies in from the yard.

Our Friday song, was put together by T-Mobile in light of the wedding and has been viewed by 14million people on YouTube. Here is an East 17 classic House of Love.

Congrats to the young newlyweds.... Kate we always knew you would get your Willy in the end!

New Single Alert - Santigold - Go

Remember Santigold - Well she is back with a new single that landed in our inbox this week.
Not heard of Santigold before? Well, back in 2008 she was named Santogold and arrived on the scene back with her self-titled debut album.
Now named Santigold, rumours had to change her name due to a lawsuit, her new track Go, produced by herself and Q-Tip, with backing vocals provided by the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s no least!

 A darker slice of punk pop if you will, it reflects on the “New American dream”, which according to Santigold  “to become rich and famous by happenstance – or sex tapes – and to get there with as little work or talent as possible”.

Hmm we could list many that fall in that category!!!

Her work has been compared to that of Pixies who Santigold herself has cited as an influence. Santigold has also said that she is inspired by 1980s pop music. "I felt that a lot of pop music from the '80s had a depth to it, and I hope to bring back some more good pop songs”

Well it’s a HUGE welcome back from us her at SCP HQ.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Most Innovative Music Video Award!

So thanks to our friends at we were able to be included in a debate about for the O Music Awards - Most Innovative Music Video. In the first video, pop stars including Ke$ha, talk in general about their fav video.

It comes to two just 2! One by SCP Fav Robyn's and some other guy called Andy Grammer. (We'll do some research) Here is how the vote went!

Well we think we need to agree with the fans - Robyn's video is FAR better... it's in 3D for christ sake and a rocking track! Great if you have stolen a pair of 3D glasses from the cinema! (Not that we encourage this kind of behaviour!)

Here's the winner, sorry runner up... Killing Me by Robyn

However, we must give credit to Andy Grammer's interactive video which you can change how the video plays out! 
Here's the official video...(not interactive)

However, you can create and interactive one here yourself!

What the Britney countdown was about!

So what was the Britney countdown all about? Well we were right it was the release of the final version of the Till The World Ends Remix featuring my girls Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha.

Check it out here 

In other Britney news it seems her pre sale Femme Fatale Tour has started. She will be touring with Nicki Minaj across America however worldwide dates are yet to be announced. We just hope it better than the Circus tour which was awful (we left before the end, as we were so disgusted with Brit's performance!)

We'll leave you with another so called remix - DANCE Till The World Ends which was released to prove Britney can still dance! Do you think she can still?



Monday, 25 April 2011

Eurovision Watch - Germany

In our continued watch of Eurovision entries we must say that we really like this track by Lena Meyer. Not her first time representing Germany, after representing her country in 2010,  Lena performed all twelve songs during that show the TV-Show "Unser Song für Deutschland" (Our Song for Germany) which was swiftly recorded and produced her second studio album Good News which was released on 8 February 2011 reaching Gold status selling more than 100,000 units. The lead single Taken By A Stranger was selected to be this years German entry!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Countdown Check!

Lets have a look....


Girls Aloud Watch! - Reunion?

So seems like Louis Walsh is on our side for a Girls Aloud reunion as much as we are! However saying they should reform without Cheryl Cole!


We know Spice Girls did it without Geri Halliwell but would GA be the same without Cheryl?

According to Heat magazine it seems rumours have surfaced that Kimberley, Nicola, Sarah and Nadine want to record new material and tour in 2012, however it’s Cheryl that is the ball and chain with her sights only set on X-Factor – U.S!

A source claims "The girls are very keen to reunite and start working on another album. Their main love is the band and they all feel ready to get back and start recording. But Cheryl can't commit to that right now."

"Obviously it's going to be very difficult without Cheryl, but they know they'll do well with another album and Cheryl could even join them for the tour next year if she's available. It makes sense and it doesn't mean that she'd leave the band - she'd just be taking a break."

Yeah we’ve all heard that one before!

Yes we are for The Aloud reforming in 2012 however this need to be as a 5 piece! We love them all individually however together they are AWESOME!

Someone PLEASE have a word with Cheryl! Get her on the phone now!

Look what they do TOGETHER!!!!

Eurovision Watch - Israel - DANA IS BACK!!!

It must be the year of the comeback in Eurovision too!
She stole the crown for Israel in 1998 and seems they are bringing everything out the closet to try and match that success once again by returning Dana International to the Eurovision stage.  One of the most famous transsexual celebrities in the world, is back this year to fly the flag for Israel with a song titled Ding Dong! Stop smirking you dirty readers.

Though not as great as her track Diva, will it have enough to bring home the Eurovision crown for a second time? (We think not but nice to see she's back!)

Oh go on then, here's the Diva performance... 
...and we threw in the results too!

Beyonce in Paris!

Beyonce is in Paris completing a photo shoot for Harper's Bazaar cover.  What do you think?

Here are some interesting pop facts about Queen B

1) Beyonce's favorite makeup is mascara, but she is allergic to perfume - not sure how she can sell her own perfume Heat then?

2) Beyonce toured with TLC & Christina Aguilera as their opening act in 1999.

3) Cove Magazine named her the Seventh Most Outstanding Pop Vocal of all time, with a score of forty-eight out of fifty points.

We know you love us too B!

Countdown Check!

Lets Check on the Britney Countdown....

We hopes its something big!

Backstage at Lady Gaga Concert!

In a rare glimpse in the world of Lady Gaga, we get to witness Mother Monster prepare for her forthcoming show at Madison Garden. In her forthcoming HBO documentary special an obviously upset Gaga speaks out about her own insecurities and being there for her fans.

The 2-hour special The Monster Ball Tour:  At Madison Square Garden doesn’t air until May 7th at 9 p.m, however here's a sneak peak

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Sicker than the remix?!?!?!

Whilst searching the pop inter-web we came across this on Britney's website! Its a countdown to something... but to what? As you know we at SCP HQ love a remix, so are placing our bets that its the Till The World Ends remixes being available on iTunes. However if we are wrong, we wonder what it could be?

Lets watch the countdown again...

Ready for it to go to 2 days 13hours 59 mins and 45secs....

Now 2 days 13hours 56 mins and 24secs....


To watch the countdown yourself go to

Or according to fan sites its this new remix featuring Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj!

Sneak Peak - Run The World (Girls) Video - Beyonce

Look what just leaked on the interpopweb. 
Its a teaaser for Beyonce's forthcoming track Run The World (Girls)

What are our thoughts at SCP HQ so far?  Big Horse!

New Talent Show - U.S - The Voice

Seems all the networks are trying to find new talent in the states. Not content with American Idol, soon to be aired X-Factor (if they bloody sort out the judges!) NBC has created TV search for the next big talent and will debut, The Voice on April 26th but before the show gets underway, the panel of judges have teamed up to create even more buzz for its premiere.

The show’s judges Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee-Lo Green and Blake Shelton do some pre-promotion by covering Gnarls Barkley smash hit Crazy

Is this going to save Christina career like it have for J.Lo on American Idol? Time will only tell!

New Album Preview - Jennifer Lopez - Love?

Wanna know what the new Jennifer Lopez album will be like before you buy?Check out album sample for J.Lo's new album Love?

Here's full track listing - we still love Invading My Mind and Run The World got our paws up!

1. What Is Love                       
2. Starting Over                       
3. One Love                       
4. Everybody's Girl                       
5. Villain                       
6. Good Hit                       
7. Llorando Se Fue                       
8. Run The World                       
9. On The Floor                       
10. Until It Beats No More                       
11. Take Care                       
12. Invading My Mind                       
13. I'm Into You                       
14. Hypnotico                       
15. Charge Me Up
16. On The Floor (Ven A Bailar)
17. Papi

Sneak Peak - I'm Still Hot Video - Luciana

Seems our flirting with our (not so) secret crush, Luciana, has its advantages.  The sexy siren sent us 2 exciting pieces of news! 

1) Shoot for her next video is complete and she has sent us some exclusive pictures from the video of her new track I'm Still Hot. Check them out below!

2) OMG! We nearly fell off our chair when we read this! The naughty & still HOT singer confirmed that will be visiting us here in Oz in October! OMG! OMG! OMG! So excited! Wonder if we could take her out for a romantic dinner? or would she prefer a big night out instead? Do we need to buy a gift? What gift should we buy her? Better start planning our outfit now.

Here's the lady herself teasing us again!!!!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Chart Watch - US

Here's a quick run down of interesting movements in the U.S Charts this week...
Pitbull ft Ne-yo, Afrojack & Nayer - Give Me Everything

Give Me Everything is new single by Latin rapper Pitbull, which features Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer (Not sure who the last two are!) Singing about meeting someone in club and having a one-night stand with them, this dance track with Ne-Yo smooth vocals gets us move and reminds us of last Friday night! 

Tinie Tempah - Written In The Stars ft. Eric Turner
This UK rapper is fast becoming One to Watch and we'll feature him more very soon. However this 22 year old South Londoner has notched up multiple awards over the last year including the MOBO & BRIT award for Best Newcomers and Best Single for Pass Out. And it seems that he is making an impression on the U.S charts by reaching number 15 this week!

Rihanna feat Britney Spears - S&M
Scoring her 10th Number 1 with the help it Britney, RiRi now makes the record books in line with Janet Jackson and Stevie Wonder who both have the same amount of chart topping hits. Congrats!

Katy & Kanye rock American Idol!

Fresh from the U.S, we bring you the live performance of Katy Perry and Kayne West, who took to the American Idol stage to perform their (currently) No. 2 track E.T.

In an out of the world performance Perry and West, along with their alien friends amazed the fans in their full on production. 

Check it out

Good Friday Song!

It maybe the long weekend however we'll still be here bringing you the pop news as it happens.... as the world of pop never stops! With Lady Gaga set to upset a few people this weekend with her new video for Judas, as if we could not be ready and waiting for that!   With Mother Monster saying god personally sent her the lyrics, she is really looking to ruffle some feathers!

"I feel like honestly that God sent me those ["Judas"] lyrics and that melody," Lady Gaga said "When you feel a message to give to the world and people are shooting arrows through it … there's no way for something that pure to be wrong."

Not sure everyone will agree, but we just want to see the 17minute video! Until then here's a Alejandro (Kleerup Remix)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Pop - LIVE! - Jennifer Hudson

Introducing a new section for SnapCacklePop called Pop - Live! 

We'll be bringing you your favourite pop stars singing some of their new and classic hits - LIVE! 

We at SCP HQ always like to ensure that our pop stars can actually sing and deserve our praise. Some "artists", who shall remain nameless, are still our pop favourites, however they fall more into the entertainment value category of pop, so may not feature for their singing ability!! Sorry!

We'll also throw in a few pop facts about the artist... just for fun!

Anyway - first up is Jennifer Hudson

Some may find this a weird launching with Jen Hudson, however we've been a fan for a while and listening to her recently released album I Remember Me and a) its a great album and b) this girl can sing!

But lets go back to where it all began for our Jen...American Idol!
Though not winning (or even getting close), she definitely got the judges on side with judge Simon Cowell commenting that Hudson, "finally proved why she was among the 'Top 12,'" and referred to the performance a week later as, "sensational." Here's Jen with her version of Whitney's I Have Nothing

POP FACT: In May 2010, the Los Angeles Times claimed Hudson to be the third greatest Idol contestant in the history of the show. She placed behind Season 1 winner Kelly Clarkson and Season 4 winner Carrie Underwood.

Then came her career breakthrough, when she got one of the leading roles in Dreamgirls with Beyonce, which earned her the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2007.
Here's the track, we have all heard... And I Am Telling You.

POP FACT: In Jen’s honour the major of Chicago declared the 6th March each year “Jennifer Hudson Day”

Fast forward 4 years with both her albums reaching number 2 in the U.S charts, a number of films under her belt and currently in South Africa film the soon to be released Winnie,  based on the South African politician Winnie Mandela due for release in September 2011.

This girls is going from strength to strength and can we say, looking HOT. (Jen is the spokes person for Weight Watchers)
We applaud you Jen, bravo!

Here's Jen to play us out with a track from her latest album - Where You At

POP FACT: If  singing hadn't work out, then she wanted to be a tattoo artist!

New Single Alert - Estelle - Break My Heart

We’ve liked Estelle since she first broke onto the scene with 1980 and Free which lead to her winning a MOBO Award for Best Newcomer. Since then she came back with the world wide smash America Boy feat  Kayne West which propelled her into the U.S charts.

She is back with a new song Break My Heart feat Rick Ross hoping the formula of her vocals and smooth grooves will result in a chart topper track.

After a third listen, we at SCP HQ really like the track! We’ve listened 3 times in the last ten minutes as its has such a great feel, we can see this being played over romantic meetings between lovers! However, will it have the radio appeal like America Boy did? We are not sure yet!

This is Estelle's first track of her third studio album,  All Of Me, where it has been confirmed she has been in the studio with David Guetta.

Not heard it yet, take a listen;

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Lady Gaga in Foul-Mouthed tirade!

Continuing her quest to say she is "normal", Lady Gaga was interviewed by music magazine NME and the Judas singer had her claws up, let alone her paws! Gaga claims that despite her fame, people don't 'get' her. 

In a foul-mouthed tirade, she went off: 'Let me tell you something. If you f****** rip my hairbow and my wig off my f****** head, my shoes, my bra, every single thing on my body, and you throw me on a piano with a microphone, I will f****** make you cry.'
'I feel I have been probed endlessly about who the f*** I am. I have been quite open about it. And still nobody seems to have a clue.'

 Not only that, music execs, producers and songwriters who keep sending her “new” material, which we can see would be a slight insult, as she does write all her own songs anyway! No wonder she’s a bit upset! Poor Mother Monster! Continuing her rant 'I'm not going to start churning out what you expect. If you're looking for me to be something that isn't there, STOP LOOKING.! I am not that. I am not created. continuing 'If you want me to be a manufactured act, you can f*** off.'

Jesus! (or should that be Judas?)

On the eve of the video for Judas being released (more on that shortly) which sees Gaga as Mary Magdalene and actor Norman Reedus star as Judas, the apostle who betrayed Jesus, causing him to be crucified, is it all further shock tactics?

The Catholic Church and other Christians aren't that happy with the forthcoming release, accusing the star of using shock tactics and Christian idolatry to advance her career!  We guess they won’t be rushing out to buy the track, but least they have listened to it!

But at SCP HQ we are suffering a little déjà-vu! Sounds a bit Madonna 1989, Like A Prayer!

Anyone else getting that feeling? 

New Single Alert - Beyonce - Girls (Who Rule The World)

Beyonce is BACK! The eagerly awaited first track of her forthcoming album is finally here! The 1st single Girls (Who Run The World) samples Diplo & Switch’s Pon Di Floor, who also produced the track.

Even though not "inspirational" lyrically its bound to get us lookin so crazy right now or get us asking him "If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it"

Seems Queen B wishes to take back the top of the charts from the likes of Lady Gaga & Britney’s of the world!
Ladies start your engines! The race for pop world domination has a late entry!

Girls Aloud Watch!

Ok, so we have been stalking watching Girls Aloud since our last post and here is what we can report so far…

Nadine Coyle has decided to postpone her forthcoming wedding, so it doesn’t clash with fellow band mates Sarah Harding’s!

The Irish singer is set to marry American football player Jason Bell as soon as possible but decided has decided to hold off as she doesn’t want to comparison.

Guess she went though a lot of comparison last year when she released her debut album Insatiable and it wasn’t such a great success as fellow band members Cheryl’s and sold very few units and received bad reviews.

Poor luv!

Seems fellow bride-to-be Sarah Harding is angry with her dad, saying she will never speak to him again after he spoke to a tabloid newspaper about her.

Seems her dad has been trying to make a quick buck of his daughter success by selling childhood pictures of his daughter.

She has a few strong words too…Speaking to The Mail On Sunday, she said"My father is dead to me - I can't forgive him. After he and my mother divorced, he wasn't a very nice person, and what's done is done".

"I know it's harsh, but I have no place in my life for someone like that. He talked to the press and tried to sell pictures of me as a young girl. He's a very selfish man and as far as I'm concerned he's gone."


Seems Cheryl Cole has quit UK X-Factor in hopes that she will be heading to America to make it there on the U.S version of the show. Though not yet confirmed, the lass is set to sign on the dotted line for a reported $3m! The rumour mill is already in full swing with who will replace Cheryl and so far it seems Ozzy Osbourne is top to replace her!

However, before Cheryl left she did a mate a favour in that Kimberley Walsh is turning to presenting and set to host the UK Xtra Factor after Konnie Huq was a ratings disaster. Seems Cheryl put in a good word.

Bless her!

Finally, not happy with her make-up empire Dainty Doll, the always underrated but very pretty Nicola Roberts is in the studio recording her first debut album. After signing to Sony Records and being nagged by ex-Sugababe Keisha Buchanan, she is now working with producer Joe Mount from Metronomty. Reporting being influenced by rapper M.I.A. and Swedish singer Robyn, her solo project is looking to be more electronic-sounding!

Maybe being last to release solo material might work in her favour?

Her solo material is due for late 2011 release.

Still no news from GA camp of them reforming for 2012! We’ll keep stalking watching.

Here’s  Girls Aloud performing Britney’s Womanizer on their Out Of Control Tour!

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