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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

New Video Alert - Willow Smith - 21st Century Girl

Willow Smith's new video for 21st Century Girl is slightly weird, yet slightly good.

The Whip my Hair phenomenon did go slightly over our heads and did wonder why it was such a huge hit?  Also, as one us at SCP HQ has a shaved head we couldn't do Whip Your Hair spin offs. 

Anyway we digress...

We actually like the song, its catchy, a bit like a clean version of a Ke$ha track but we are confused a 10 year old girl is "gonna live it up". When we were 10, "living it up" was being out with our mates, hangout out on park benches. Not magically pulling loads of free crap out of a sand pit. Oh hang on, we forget who her parents were for a minute! Right, got it!

Anyway we'll leave it for you to decide.

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