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Saturday, 19 March 2011

What’s this SCP all about?

To those who have not heard about us before, let us fill you in…

Basically we LOVE pop

Pop Music
Pop Videos
Pop News
Pop Celebrities
Pop Gossip
Pop Culture
Pop, Pop, Pop

Think you get the picture!

We’ll be talking new albums, singles and videos of our favourite pop starlets and checking out those new popettes trying to make it in this crazy world of Pop.

Here are SnapCacklePop Head Quarters we are dedicated to searching the world for the best, new, funky, different, fresh pop, raising through the ranks of the pop charts

We’ll be honest, entertaining and sometimes a little silly, coz who doesn’t like a little silliness once in a while.

But there’s more…we’ll be looking for you to share your love of pop with us too.

If you attend a pop concert, we’d love to hear what you thought or even write us a review. And any new artists you want us to check out just drop us a line at

Oh, and we love a good pop remix too! So if you discover a corker of a remix that you think we’ll love, send it through! If we love it, we’ll feature it on our new section SnapCacklePop Remixed

Its good to be back and we’re ready to bring Pop back loud & proud


(Oh and picture above is just a “few” of our favourite albums so far! )

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