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Thursday, 31 March 2011


According to The SunAmy Winehouse was seen giving away her Alexander McQueen dresses and other designer gear to a local charity shop in North London.  Recently moving house has proved a good time for Amy to have a spring clean of her home adding to staff she love cleaning in her undies!

As long as its helping with your new material Amy, we are fully supportive!

NEW SINGLE ALERT! - Kelly Rowland - Motivation

Seems Kelly Rowland is ready to step out once again on her own (instead of featuring on someone else’s dance track) by announcing her first single of her new album will be Motivation featuring Lil Wayne.

Announcing on her website she was searching for looks for her new video. “I’m aiming for a very sexy, feminine video and I’m looking for womanly, sexy designs,” said Rowland.

Currently being played a lot in the U.S, the video is set to air on 
Monday 4th April.
If you haven't heard Ms Kelly's track, check it out below

Robyn on Elle Magazine Cover

SCP fav Robyn appears on the cover on this months Music Issue! 
of ELLE Magazine.

Looking at the cover, looks like Gwen is featured too!

Winehouse To Return!

News reaches us that Amy Winehouse is set to return to the music charts this year and is busily in the studio working on new material. It will be the newly sober singer’s first recorded material since 2007.

Amy’s boyfriend, Reg Traviss said "She's still writing and recording stuff for her new album. “She's really throwing herself into it," he stated.

Traviss added that Winehouse is "very excited" about her new material, but he didn't give much away about the content.

She’ll first release a duet, set to be released on September 19 as a part of Tony Bennett’s Duets II album, her first recording since the smash hit Valerie.

We all witnessed Amy fall from grace as she publicly battled drug addiction however in October 2010 she told Glamour magazine that she was clean: “I used to use drugs and I haven’t used drugs in almost three years.”

She added: “I literally woke up one day and was like, ‘I don’t want to do this any more.”

Good for you Amy! 
It will be good to see you back in the charts once again!

Comeback Rumour - S Club 7?

Sadly No! However they were all seen together in support of their ex bandmate Jon Lee, who was making his West End Musical debut. 

Thanks to our friends at The Sun you can check out what they look like now.

S Club 7 took the charts and TV by storm between 1999 - 2003 cranking up four No.1 and their TV show ( Miami 7, LA.7 etc etc ) was sold worldwide. Then in March 2002 the first band member (Paul) left the group. From then, they tried to make it as a 6 piece but when their album Seeing Double failed to sell, they separated and ventured off into solo projects. Jon, Bradley & Jo tried to make a comeback as S Club 3, however that fell flat on its face too. Jo is reported to be working on new material and Tina ( she was tall brunette one ) is still trying to get a track out age 34!

So it doesn't look like we should be expecting any new material from any of them soon, but love to see a reunion and that they all can stand to be in a room together! 

Oh well. We'll settle for a good old classic! 
Try and not sing along to this one!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Girls Aloud Watch!

Since talking about Girls Aloud, we have felt a bit low at SCP HQ!

So we thought we'd monitor the movements of the girls ( Cheryl, Nadine, Sarah, Nicole & Kimberley) to see if they would give an inclination of reforming soon. 

Then BAMM!

Sarah Harding seen on Absolute Radio, hoping for a reunion next year to mark their 10 year anniversary! Jeez has it been 10 years! 

So we'll be watching all the girls movement/interviews from now until next year in hopes more signs of a comeback! 
Some may call this stalking we call it monitoring!

EXCLUSIVE - New Single Alert - Oh Land - Wolf & I

Following on from our feature on Oh Land the other day, news has reached us from the U.S that the Danish singer has released the first track album of her forthcoming album, also called Oh Land. 

The single is called Wolf & I. Check it out

Beyonce - Independent woman - bye daddy!

Beyonce and her father Matthew Knowles have split as performer/manager

No she did not sack him!

Both parties have confirmed it was a mutual split and that he is going to focus on his "gospel and inspirational label" ( Michelle Williams is on hold on line one Mr Knowles!)

Mr. Knowles is responsible for bringing Destiny Child into the spot light in the late 90’s and guided his daughter to phenomenal solo success since  ( and made him a small fortune! ) and reflected on his daughter’s success. “We did great things together, and I know that she will continue to conquer new territories in music and entertainment” said Matthew

In a statement released by Beyonce "I am grateful for everything he has taught me, he is my father for life and I love my dad dearly”

Here is a classic Destiny Child track to remember the good old days

Pop Alert - The Saturdays new single!

Now The Saturdays may have not made it big in Oz yet, or even have any plans to yet! However that doesn't mean we still can love the girls that have brought us such tracks a If This Is Love, Ego, Up & Higher from a far!

News reaches us that Steve Mac has just tweeted he is wrapping up work on their next single!


Written by the fabulous  Ina Wroldsen, who was responsible for a lot of the bands previous hits. We reckon its gonna be a corker once again.

The Saturdays are taking the UK by storm and and filling the place where Girls Aloud once stood tall. 
We'll update you when we know more, until then, here is a remix of If This Is Love - That we love!

P.S We miss Girls Aloud

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Rihanna does cheeky cover shoot

Miss RiRi is set to appear on the cover of this April's edition of Rolling Stones Magazine.

Dressed in a pair of shorts that seemed to have shrunk in the wash, this S&M singer is really putting it out there!

Eeer, excuse me luv, you have enough money in the bank to be able to buy a new pair of shorts!

What do you think of the pic?
Rolling Stone

Pop World – Oh Land – Denmark

If we were speaking in Gaga, our paws would be up when we discovered this Danish singer-songwriter on the interPopweb.
Nanna Oland Fabricius, aka Oh Land, video for Son of a Gun has received over 7 million viewings on YouTube. Not to be confused with JX’s, Janet’s or Carly Simon original version as it and she sounds nothing like it!
After releasing her debut album, Fauna, Oh Land performed at a music festival in Austin, Texas, where Epic Records caught sight of her and quickly signed her. She left Denmark, heading to the U.S, but not the place you would think… she ended up in Brooklyn where as she says, “enables her to maintain a romantic vision of New York”.
The resulting self-titled album is a blend of electro-pop, reminding us a lot of Little Boots. Inspired by boundary pushing musicians like Bjork and The Smiths, working with the likes of Pharrell Williams, we think this little Danish girl will be One to Watch very soon.
Check out her video below.

Chart Watch - UK

When we tuned into the UK charts this weekend, we were slightly disappointed that not much occurred, new entry wise. Well, when we say not much, there were three stand outs we thoughts we'd share... one is SO good, it gives us goose bumps! 

Peter Kay & Susan Boyle - I Know Him So Well
Carrying on with our Comic Relief support, Peter Kay & Susan Boyle enter the charts with their hilarious cover of I Know Him So Well.

The Wanted - Gold Forever
A slight over look by us last week, when we missed The Wanted off the chart watch.
The Wanted are basically the male version of The Saturdays and actually put together by the same woman, Jayne Collins.
It’s been a while since we have had a new bunch of Irish boys hit the charts. We'll watch to see if they shack up the crazy world of pop or just spin us a load of ballads and/or covers like another very popular Irish boyband. (Groan!)
Who wants to bet one will be gay? Did we say that out loud?!?!?!
Gold Forever is their first track released off the second album and was in aid of Comic Relief too. Good Boys.
Adele - Someone Like You
3 words - no, not Cheryl Coles song, 3 words that describe how we feel about Adele - WE LOVE HER!
This Tottenham born lass, really stole our hearts with her album 19, then she does it all again with her follow up album 21. It is just blowing our minds.
Her she is singing LIVE on Jools Holland
One again - WE LOVE HER

Monday, 28 March 2011

Album Review – Britney – Femme Fatale

FACT – Britney is one of our favorite pop stars at SCP HQ
FACT- Blackout is STILL one of the most underrated and superb pop albums released.
FACT – Femme Fatale is BRILLIANT!
We have been listening to the new album these last few days and can honest says it is POP-TASTIC! Firstly, there are no ballads! Great! The ballads sometimes let you down Brit (well apart from Everytime) and we are glad you have just thrown everything at this album in a full dance/pop way. It was what we were expecting Circus to be, but a million times better!
Hang on readers, before you all go all crazy on our ass for calling it crap, we’re not! Circus was great, for a comeback album, but we felt it was great for the first 7 tracks then just started to decline from there! You may not agree but that was our opinion ( and don't get us started on the Circus Tour! Grrrrrr!!!)
We digress...
THIS album is pure dance Ibiza pop! It seems to be injected full of electro dance beats! We are not sure if Britney has ever been to Ibiza, but its full of techno builds, house pianos and phat beats! This album is definitely influenced by a euro-pop/club music vibe that we have not seen from this Louisiana girl before. The first two tracks released Hold It Against Me and Till The World End are only just a sample of the many great tracks that are on this album and set the tone for the rest of the album.
Till The World Ends, was written by Ke$ha and was written with one thing in mind, to be a dance floor anthem. It has all those elements that make you want to be out dancing until the world ends, infectious fun thumping beats, lo-fi fade in and outs, stuttering vocals and techno builds! Pass us the poppers now! 
The brilliant hands in the air, high energy I Wanna Go has pulsating beats and a get in your head, infectious whistling sample, similar to than found on Bob Sinclair’s Love Generation.
Inside Out, about a bad relationship you know should end but the sex is just too good to lose, (Yep know that one Brit!) has single written over it! Not only for its catchy beat but for just seeing "hit me one more time" written into the song!
How I Roll is a bouncy playful slower paced track lending great to Britney’s vocals and Trip to Your Heart has sugary melody vs. a techno/trance club beat.

The only song cringe worthy song on the album is Criminal as does not fit at all, but we are willing to forgive Britney due to the other hits on the album.
Even Rolling Stone Magazine gave it a 4/5 stars stating “Femme Fatale may be Britney's best album; certainly it's her strangest”
Spears says, “I think ‘Femme Fatale’ speaks for itself… I wanted to make a fierce dance album where each song makes you want to get up and move…”
Produced by Dr. Luke, Max Martin, Billboard & to name but a few, this collaboration has certainly worked and we can only salute you Brit, for bring us an album that will be playing loud and proud in the SCP HQ office for a long time to come.
We needed this album Britney. You needed this album reader. 
Pop music needed this album.
We don’t care what the critics are saying Britney, what do they know?!?!
 It’s POP with edge! 
Top of the pop class for you my dear!
Right, we are off clubbing now

We’ll leave you with pic’s from her Good Morning America performance this morning. The pop star sang singles Hold It Against Me, Big Fat Bass, alongside, and Till the World Ends


Following from our One to Watch - Luciana  on Saturday announcing Luciana's next single was I'm Still Hot, we were very surprised, ecstatic and dizzy with excitement when the sexy lady herself, sent us her new single to preview here first on SnapCacklePop!

Firstly, it made our crush on her grow even deeper that she's reading our blog, and second, we are LOVING her new track! 
She also sent us some further retro comic book artwork for her next single released in Oz in April!

So what's it like?

Fat base line, full fat beat, edgy lyrics (Luciana style) and the instant sing along verse which you know we all will be singing on the dance floor. We likey alot! Especially the line - "I've got you by the shiny disco balls"

It has club anthem written all over it, its dance floor crazy and has a funky dirty hook that is ridiculously good!
We sooooo can easily see people strutting across the dance floor singing "Guess what? I'm still hot" and yes we will be one of them!
See what you think and let us know your thoughts. 

Can't wait for the video!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Chart Watch - US

Over the big blue pacific, we have been watching this week's Top 100, to see what is shaking in the world of pop.

No major surprises, Gaga's at No.1, Black Eyed Peas enter at No.5 but few fun new poptatsic tracks entering the top 20!

Nicki Minaj - Moment 4 Life (Clean Version) ft. Drake

Did you know Nicki Minaj is her third alter ego? In an interview with the New York, to escape her real life problems when she was younger at her parents she would create characters and live her life through them. “to get away from all their fighting, I would imagine being a new person. "Cookie" was my first identity—that stayed with me for a while. I went on to "Harajuku Barbie", then "Nicki Minaj". Fantasy was my reality”

We love an alter ego here at SCP HQ. We did a quick count of alters in the office today and we named 6, which is concerning as there is only 1 of us in.

GLEE CAST - Loser Like Me
We heart Glee and could easily see this entering the top ten this week.
Did you know that Mr Schuster, aka Matthew Morrison used to be in a boyband LMNT? Pronounced "elements", they band had only a brief moment in the charts. In 2002. They released their only album called All Sides including the single "Juliet" and a cover of country singers Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's 1997 duet, It's Your Love.

Rihanna - S&M
Yes, the track is naughty, about bondage and singing about whips & chains but do we really need to prove we are 18 and over to play the video on YouTube! Instead we have updated the SCP Remixed page with our fav Dave Aude mix of the track instead. We love Mr Aude, he has some cracking remixes.

Lady Gaga - Born This Way
We've all heard this song a thousand times already, so we thought we play our favourite cover of the track instead. 
(We actually think this is as good or if not better, than the original! But don't tell Gaga we said that! )

Right, we offer to drink with our alters, sorry friends.

Lady Gaga track list/artwork leaked?

According to, Lady Gaga’s album track list and album artwork being leaked have surfaced on the internet for her upcoming album Born This Way. Still yet to be confirmed by camp Gaga if these pictures are legitimate, the photos show there are fourteen tracks, which include forthcoming single Judus.

In the series of photos that area on tumblr, the track list is;

"Born This Way"
"Edge Of Glory"
"Bad Kids"
"Government Hooker"
"You & I"
"Marry The Night"

True or not, it will get the 31million fans on her website excited!

(We are too!)

One to Watch! – Luciana

Not heard of Luciana before? We think you have but just don’t realize when and where. Let us provide you a recap to jog your memory…

Remember the 2009 smash hit dance track Yeah Yeah by Bodyrox, vocals were provided by Luciana. She was the girl said we knew nothing and sung “I COULD teach you a thing or two”

We bet she could! 
Still can’t place her, check out the video.
Remember these words in 2010…
My body rocks a rhythm
You beat my drum hard
I might just kick it kick it
You wanna lick it lick it
I love to stick it stick it
From London to LA
Yeah that’s the ticket ticket
Come on and Kiss it kiss it
The massive dance floor – I Like That was also Luciana! Singing she like also the Gucci Gucci.
Well who doesn’t!

I Like That, was an instant hit with it sexy energy crossed with dirty beats, produced by Static Revenger and Richard Vission, it became an anthem in every club around the world.

"I describe it as 'dirty electro.' It's a bit naughty, but it never gets boring. Nice is vanilla. You've got to be a little nasty. I want to assault your senses."
 said Luciana of the track.
Previously collaborating with Taio Cruz on Come on Girl (2008), which was a top-5 hot in the UK and also featuring on British rapper Lethel Bizzle’s hit song Go Go Go (2010), her style got her noticed by none other than Interscope.
She was first approached to write songs for Nicole Sherzinger of The Pussycat Dolls in 2009, however Interscope soon changed their mind when they heard this Brit Girls material and immediately signed her. “They loved the attitude, and they saw the bigger picture," says Luciana. "Their passion was so infectious, and we're going to take everything to the next level together."
No wonder, this was the girl that wrote Cupid Boy, one of our favorite Kylie Minogue tracks off the Aphrodite album. Yep that was Luciana!
She describes her writing style as ‘Ad Hoc’ - "I've got all of these notebooks filled with phrases pieced together. Some of the phrases don't make sense alone, but they do make sense in the end. The words form a picture” She continues “It's always so simple, but everyone remembers the hooks."

Yep we’d agree with you there honey!
So what’s coming up for this sexy, edgy & very talented singer/songwriter?
We glad you asked…
She’s in the studio at the moment getting ready to release an album later this year.
How do we know this, well, we’d have to kill you if we told you but we can reveal, that her next single is due out in Australia in April. Oh and its called I’m Still Hot.
And guess who has the exclusive of the single artwork! Yep SCP. 
Check it out below!

We must admit, we have a slight crush on this Brit girl. She’s sexy, edgy, cheeky and not afraid to say what she thinks! In her own words "To me, it's all about naughtiness. I love a bit of cheek and dirt. People feel that because it's honest. People need someone to shout along with, and I'm there for them. Come and shout with me."

In conclusion, we love her already! We’d say to you watch out, Luciana coming to take on the world of Pop and we are supporting her all the way!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Friday Song

It's Friday...
We need a wine... or 8!!!
Time to party to Gloria Estefan/Mylo

Happy Friday

Friday, 25 March 2011

Album Alert - Britney - Listen FREE to FULL NEW album

Hey Pop Fans....its Friday (YAY!) and we have a treat for you! 
Thanks to our friends at you can listen to the WHOLE new Britney album, Femme Fatale at their Listening Party site

Our fav track is I Wanna Go, whats yours?

Listen here to FULL Britney album - Femme Fatale

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Kylie Tour update #2 - Kylie Kidnapped!

We have watched this video in the SCP HQ office all day 
and can only say one word... 

Spice Girls - Take 2?

When the Spice Girls first burst onto the scene, they were after one thing, world donimation!

10 years later, it seems babies are more important.
Or is that their secret plan?

With Mel B annoucing this week she is expecting her 3rd baby (Congrats BTW, card is in the post!) its seem these girls are looking to expand their brood and form the next generation of “kid power!” to take over the world instead. These kids WILL be famous for what ever they do (Footballer, Singer, Party Girls/Boys, Famous for no reason apart from famous parents!)

Most of the Spices have been sending the congrats to Mel B, with Baby Spice Tweeting  "We've spoken privately but congratulations again!" , Sporty Spice adding "More babies!! Love and congratulations to Mel B and Stephen" and while Ginger Spice has also sent her best wishes.

(We are not sure where Posh Spice is, she must be wrapped up in cotton wool somewhere!)

With this number of kids, the next generation of Spices could easily form another group (or two) in a few years and it will definitely be zig a zig awww!!

Emma Bunton expecting her second in May 
Victoria is expecting her fourth in July (its a Girl!)
Mel B expecting her third in August
Geri has Bluebell
& Mel C welcomed Scarlet Starr in 2009

New Video Alert - Taio Cruz - Telling The World

Brand new music video by Taio Cruz for the track Telling The World, the new single will is featured in the upcoming movie Rio

Can't wait to see the film, better book in the god kids to take them with us, so have good excuse to go!

BREAKING NEWS!!! Elizabeth Taylor dies

We know this is slightly off Pop but we were really sad to hear that Elizabeth Taylor has died today at the age of 79.

The double Oscar-winning actress had a long history of ill health and was being treated for symptoms of congestive heart failure.
Not only known for her glamour and film partnership with Richard Burton (one of her seven husbands), the double Oscar-winning actress had an impressive (and iconic) filmography including National Velvet, Cleopatra and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf.
Dame Elizabeth in her time was arguably one of the world's greatest actresses and most beautiful women.
Rest in peace Liz.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Google Goes Gaga - New Album/ New Single

Well we wouldn't be a pop blog if we didn't report on the today's visit to Google by Lady Gaga! Not only did this cause a internet meltdown with the number of hits received (Gaga has 31million fans on Facebook!) it was a time for Gaga to put her paws up and connect with her fans by answering their questions and sharing some great personal insights and anecdotes.

The one hour and thirteen minute interview sees GaGa discussing her new album (can't wait!) and second single Judas and its video, as well ."I can exclusively reveal that I will be making my directorial debut with Laurieann Gibson, directing this video with her ourselves." said Gaga.

"It's no surprise I'm sure to many of you, that 'Judas' is a man of the biblical senses. So expect to see some symbolism in this video. It's all about embracing the dark side of your personality".

Judas is release on 9th May 2011 followed 2 weeks later by the album, Born This Way on the 23rd May 2011

Kylie tour update #1 - Our tickets have arrived!

Excitement levels are rising - our tickets arrived in the post today for Kylie!!

In honour of it being only 76 sleeps till we see the Minogue goddess in concert, here is Kylie singing Get Outta My WayAcoustic version at BBC Radio1 Live Lounge

Talking of her tour, a message from Kylie was posted on today about the tour...

‘Thank you all for making Aphrodite Les Folies’ such an amazing experience for me. Those of you who have been to a show will know that ‘Put Your Hands Up’ goes OFF! So as a tour thank you I wanted to share this 80s-tastic remix by the legendary Pete Hammond. Enjoy!!”

P.S - You will be getting more updates on Kylie as we approach the tour and our excitement builds!

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